Andy Cohen Anderson Cooper Best Friends

Why Don’t Gay Best Friends Just Date Each Other?

“You’re two guys. You like all the same music. You watch all the same shows. You have the same sense of humor and values and you both want a relationship. I don’t see what’s wrong.” Straight people (well all people, but straight people usually) are often confused why gay people …

GBG Article

Welcome to the New and Improved

  Blogging was never something I originally set out to do. I still remember when it was a lame high school assignment to go home and create a blog. But when I took off for a post-college back packing trip, online writing became a creative outlet that I never expected …


“Gogo Boy Interrupted” Becomes a Web Series

Our dreams have come true! Comedian Jimmy Fowlie has backtracked on earlier statements saying, “Like I just felt like there was so many web series. The last thing that Los Angeles needed was one more web series. You know what I mean?” No, we don’t know what you mean Jimmy …


Rock N Roll Kickball Finals

Finally, the video you’ve all been waiting for! Four teams went head to head this past Saturday at 4 PM. Who will come out on top? Are you for Kick Tease or Huevos Con Chorizo? Suck My Kick or The Lubricated Marys? Find out in the video below For more …

Varsity Gay League Kickball 2014

Varsity Gay League Kickball, Summer ’14

The Varsity Gay League is an adult sports league that offers a variety of recreational sports programs. The Rock N Roll kickball league started playoffs this past weekend and I got to interview some of the other teams on how they were feeling going into their games. I play on …

Depressed Guy I Don't Know My Status

I Don’t Know My Status

Being free, independent, and newly single, I was not looking for anything too serious. Hell, right after the breakup I wasn’t even looking for sex. The thought of being with another guy after three years and two serious, long term boyfriends was strange to me. I was timid and nervous …

Mike Gerle Leather and Politics
PoliticsTalk Show

Mikel Gerle on Politics, Leather, and LA Band of Brothers

Mikel Gerle talks about the balance between working in politics and the leather community as well as his campaign for West Hollywood City Council for March of 2015. He delves into the world of the International Mr. Leather contest as well as the formation of the LA Band of Brothers. …

Equality House Kansas

Visiting The Equality House and the Westboro Baptist Church

As my boyfriend and I drove through Kansas on our cross country road trip, we passed some crazy roadside attractions: Truckhenge (like Stonehenge but with Trucks and much less impressive), Prarie Dog Town, the Wizard of Oz Museum, the largest Czech Egg, and the 2nd Friendliest Yarn Shop in the …

Utah Gay Marriage Rally

Gay Marriage: What Now?

As I was sitting outside with my friend Aaron (who is also gay), my phone buzzed in my pocket. Slightly tiffed that I had to interrupt my tanning session to respond to a text, I pulled it out of the pocket of my shorts to see who had messaged me. …

Jimmy Fowlie Go Go Boy Interrupted
Talk Show

Jimmy Fowlie, Life After Gogo Dancing

I sat down with Jimmy Fowlie to talk about his new show “Gogo Boy Interrupted” that delves into the life of a former gogo, Danny Carter. Jimmy talks about his own experiences that fueled the project as well as life with a theater degree and working with director Jordan Black. …