No one chooses to be gay, much like Harry Potter did not choose to be a wizard. However, there’s no Hogwarts for gay people (although wouldn’t it be awesome if there were) and most likely there are not many people who can teach you about what it means to be gay and the different challenges and experiences you will face because of it. GBG seeks to educate and connect our community through personal stories and opinions. After all, most parents and RomComs can’t teach you about what it’s like to be gay, so where better than the Internet to learn about it. GBG aims to inspire a new generation of gentlemen to respect each other and themselves even when parts of the greater society may not. We hope to post articles and reviews that not only enlighten GBs to be better people but to relate to others through our mutual experiences so we can all feel a little less lonely in the world.

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Instagram: gayboyguide

Twitter: gbgofficial

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